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We’re all ‘travelers’  through time.  Seeking and searching we must.  So ‘young’  in years are we,  wondering what seems to be.  Yet ‘old’  are we in centuries,  knowing what must be.

Many times we witness familiarities,  traveling over the ‘ancient paths’  of time.  Yet a  ‘newness’  found each time we’ve grown that extra inch.

With each passing day,  more to learn about the ‘measurement’  of self.  How fascinating,  how exciting,  the  ‘mystery’  which lies before us in solving  ‘ourselves.’  

But in these journeys always remember,  ‘we have learned much……yet we have learned little.’

Just think,  the  ‘shaping and forming’  that someday fills this mold,  is like the  ‘rough stone’  rolling over the hills of time,  until it arrives a  ‘polished one.’  

GROWTH   like a ‘rose’  from ‘seed to bloom’   is complete which is  ‘everlasting’  which is  ETERNAL.

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith        www.motionOsis.com