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*Robin Williams  was not only a talented and extraordinary performer but he gave to his fans a telling example of substance abuse,  depression and addiction.  His lifestyle of  ‘stress’  (always on stage)  prevented him from knowing himself.  Though he underwent traditional therapies,  health care professionals and addiction authorities can easily see that his own personal issues were never resolved.

We;  the Smiths;  have for over 4 decades trained over  20,000  client/patients, afflicted with  (alcoholism,  prescription/illicit drug abuse,  psychiatric disturbances)  who suffered from ‘stress,  depression,  obesity,  diabetes and suicide.’  Our 3M’s Therapy Inc,  was the only clinic in the world with a 97%  success rate.  Emphasis was strictly on teaching the patient to  (become their own best therapist).  Accomplished by  “PAPP- Physiological Approach To Psychological Problems”  and taught through  “TNT- Training Not Treatment.”    The Wall Street Journal quoted: “The toughest program in the nation.”

*Robin Williams nor millions of other suffering souls needed to commit suicide from the painful side of their lives,  not from the better bits and pieces of their lives.  Had traditional therapies focused on reaching his inner identity and assisting him in building from there,  ‘prevention’  would have made the difference in  ‘saving’  his life.   SUICIDE  IS  A  PLEA  TO  LIVE,  NOT  TO  DIE !!!

During our clinical years in admittance of patients,  90%  were diagnosed with stress and depression,  98%  diagnosed with low fitness level,  70%  diagnosed overweight or obese,  73%  diagnosed with multiple addictions.  100% of these patients came from a  ‘socially addicted society’  which revealed hundreds of combinations of addictions that enslave each and every one of us.  Therefore  “Social Addictions”  was discovered and mastered throughout for:  “Addiction  Is  Not  A  Problem,  It’s  A  Process.”

Our ‘practice’  that became  ‘patient practice’  created the longevity of success further documented in our book:  “Mind Matter Motion – Your Animal Therapy In The 21st Century.”  Now on our website:  www.motionOsis.com      available to ‘families and communities’   who can benefit from its  ‘mini pkt’  program.

Presently for  (teens,  parents,  families)  in all communities,  authors:  Neihardt & Smith  recently released their new E-book:  “GOTCHA”- The Whole World Is Angry And Depressed,  But Here’s What You Can Do About It.”

They  INVITE  YOU  to light up your life with FUN cartoons,  explosive wording and outrageous stories, LEARNING  and  LAUGHING  your way through today’s troubled world.  EASY FIND:  (Xlibris,  Kobo, Amazon,  Barnes and Noble).  Contact:  go@motionOsis.com

***URGENT!   Do not be alone,  talk to your doctor,  family,  friends.  Call 911