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*STORY 3* ‘A STRAW BROOM, A BOY, A BLIND FATHER’ – “Earth Air Water And People”

The year 1935 during the ‘ Great Depression’  there was no food for the Smith family which would be for many days.

This son of a blind man was barely old enough to go to school let alone roam the streets in search of bread.  Door to door he would go in ragged clothes,  holes in his shoes and hope in his heart.  At just  6 yrs old,  he had to be a man.

He would knock on the door and say:  “Hi,  I’m Gene,  my dad is blind and I am……”  the door would slam with the sounds:  “Not today son,  no handouts,  why don’t you go down to the Salvation Army or something!”  Yelling back the boy said:  “But Sir,  I”m not asking for a handout,  I’m selling brooms to help put food on the table,  my dad says they last longer and sweep cleaner.”  The door opened and the man said:  “Is that so,  show me and sweep the dirt off this porch.”   The boy did and the man said:  “Good job,  I’ll take one.”

Many houses later doors slammed in his face,  dogs chased him away while others would laugh but he kept knocking & talking because he knew his  4 yr old sister and  2 yr old brother had not eaten yet that day. 

At last one man came to the door and the boy started his plea but was loudly interrupted.  The man said:  “Yes,  I know your father,  he tuned my piano,  these brooms are made in a factory by the blind,  I’ll take  2.”   Won’t you come in and have a sandwich with milk?”  The tired boy said:  “I gotta get back home so my family can eat.”  The man wrapped up food and milk,  giving it to the boy who hugged the package thankfully and home he went. 

At the end of the day,  his blind father had tuned pianos,  the son had sold  3  brooms and his mother said:  “Son,  someday you’re going to be famous and right now you are our man.”

Many years went by,  some were good and some were bad but this little boy was a fighter who never gave up.   Age  16  he lied about his age and joined the U.S.Navy where he was trained as a boxer with a record of  (21-1).  Then in to the ‘College of Music’ and onto Broadway as a discovery because of his voice.  Following this came a family of his own.

Later after years of higher education,  a professional in the health care industry,  he entered into the political arena.  And then one day in the very same town,  on that very same street where he was raised,  he campaigned for  President of The United States.   And again much later ran for the United States Congress.

“WHY NOT……after all I was a business man during the  ‘Great Depression’  at age  6.  I don’t think  I’ll ever forget how the  ‘straw broom’  helped save our family from hunger.  During my long shot run as an officially declared presidential candidate,  I spent my  18 mo’s  and  20 hr  days criss crossing this country,  hitting all the issues on television and radio,  telling my story……the  AMERICAN STORY.   I believe the reason for my successes was my  DAD & MOM  and  the  STRAW BROOM.”

I AM DOC GENE SMITH & I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE.      “Why Didn’t Mr. Smith Ever Go To Washington”?

Author/Doc Gene

Real life stories are taken from professional research and field experiences in national & international TV/Radio media interviews, speaking engagements, consultations by LaneGene Company – Motionosis who accepts no liability for the content or for the consequences of any public action taken on the basis of the information provided. ONLY first names and general locations from MainStreet USA are given for confidentiality.


LAUGH LAB: “Bargain Basement Politics”

THE  PEOPLE  OF  THE  UNITED  STATES  HAVE  HERE  NOW  SPOKEN……GOOD BY  to those ‘Disneyland On The Potomac Puppets’  in their  $5000.  suits and pompous hairdos.  So long to their  ‘Good Ole Boys Network’  and closed door back room capers.  To those lobbyists and private interest groups,  you may start crawling back into your holes to never see daylight again.

HELLO  CONGRESS!  Any  (435)  of you who are wealthy will be taking the  $2.00  trip in all total  (2 terms @ 2 yrs each)  piling up a grand total of $4.00.

HELLO  SENATE!  Any  (100)  of you who are wealthy will be taking the  $2.00  trip in all total  (1 term @ 6 yrs)  amassing a grand total of $12.00.

Any Congress or Senate member who cannot afford to work in government,  a special  (living wage)  arrangement will be made.  Included specially for both are no benefits nor retirement pensions.  However should any of you choose to excel in producing results for your country……those wonders will be automatically given a sales bonus of  $10.  a yr.

MONOPOLIES  are against the law.  The Republican & Democratic  PARTIES  hold the largest  ILLEGAL  monopoly in the world and will be  ABOLISHED  by choosing the most  ABSURD  court.  All candidates will be determined by their non political and/or political track records via the internet.  Party Primaries now cease to exist…instead allowing popular vote where every vote counts.  Thus saving taxpayers millions of dollars of which can be credited toward paying off the national debt which all of you created in the first place.

OH……I forgot to tell you about the  PERKS  which are  CONSIDERABLE:

*Politicians will all  FLY on  MILITARY  craft rather than commercial 1st class.

*Congressional & Senatorial OFFICES  will be located in the  SLUMS.

*Citizens Committees you will  EMBRACE…who are made up of high school students, college grads, laborers, office workers and of course the unemployed who all will act as your  ASSISTANTS.  These dear souls will be subsisting on  living wage and benefits.

*All state districts will require  AVERAGE  CITIZENS;  including boy scouts & girl scouts;  to give you an  AGENDA… THEIRS not yours.

*The  HOUSE OF ILL REPUTE  has been  REMODELED  into a full scale  GYM  where you will rise early to faithfully  SWEAT  workouts 5x per week.

*HANKY  PANKY  of extra marital activity will be cause for immediate  DISMISSAL.

*Don’t forget how important  ENTERTAINMENT  is as yours will be  BINGO!

PROTECTION:  each member of Congress/Senate will be fitted with a  MONITOR  which gauges time worked,  committees and meetings attended and job performance.  Of course the National Guard will be both your security and policing army to keep you in line.

Those of you  LUCKILY  to be  VOTED  in will undergo psychological testing,  criminal back ground checks,  gender checks,  medical checkups and personal/professional track records  BEFORE  you are  SWORN  in by the most obnoxious comedian of the times.




LABELS…labels…labels……CONSERVATIVE……LIBERAL……once you are daring enough to look up the definitions in the dictionary, you will wonder how political parties have seized ownership of these non political words.

As Americans aren’t we first human beings who live and love along with the rest of humankind?  How is it that our lives are so defined through labels.  Consequences from this are dividing ‘Main Street USA’  who allow careless and thoughtless acts of tagging.  We’ve traded in breathing, thinking, feeling souls who work and strive for unity……for ROBOTS!

EASY  means giving up and giving in to a society which supports those “Disneyland on the Potomac Puppets”  wearing their $5000. suits and pompous hairdo’s.  Pushing the button and letting the poison flow freely from  MOTOR MOUTHS  bickering, battling and dumping on us tax payers paying the bill.

STOP the overcast of  POLITICAL POLLUTION  by turning on and listening only to the voices who integrate not separate.  Americans must be BOLD in their stance to override their country’s own dictatorship.  Stand with the rest of the world to remind negative dictators that we all live on a planet spinning in space where any intergalactic catastrophe could occur and we’d all be gone.

SAY labels be GONE……negatives be GONE……CHARGE UP  with  POSITIVES!

CELEBRATE  with a great new world for each and every ……YOU & ME !!!


LAUGH LAB: Congress…The Real Academy Awards

AND the winner is???  ‘Disneyland on the Potomic Puppets’  with their $5000. suits, face lifts, bouffant hairdos and motor mouths.

The stage is set, lights…action…camera and undying intellectual dialog.  The look good, sound good, soap opera drama is so captivating, so entertaining that millions of Americans are hooked again.

The game plays out salaries $182,000.+, benefits, pensions, superior health care while ‘We The People’  pay the bill.  Public servants you say?  Open door policy?  Transparency?  None exists and  STRIKE 3  YOUR OUT!  But whose out…WE ARE!  We pay, they lay…down on the job that is.

AND the answer is…all public servants hereby undergo the MMPI Psychological Test.  Shorten careers to ONE term.  Slash salaries to the minimum wage.  Reward efforts by points for perks.  Swear in to unselfishly serve the people, swear out what could and couldn’t be done.

In other words folks, we gotta  STOP their psychosis…START new neurosis… GO motionosis.


LAUGH LAB: Calling ‘James Arness’ GUNSMOKE!

Matt Dillon has been ordered by the government to shape up the New West.

Back to the ‘good guys’ all of them armed including ‘pistol packin Mommas’ with the instructions of whenever the ‘bad guys’ are tryin to take you out……you take 10 steps forward or backward……(depending on how good – you are)  pull out your pistol and then FIRE AWAY!!!

All’s fair in love and war.  No more machine guns, automatic rifles or tomahawks allowed.  No more criminals, crazies, nut cakes, basking for life in our comfy prisons, soaking up the good life of  TV, 4 squares  and writing for profit  ‘get rich quick’  books.

Marshall Dillon says  “HOLD IT”  which stops the lobbyists, special interest groups and breaks up the parties battling under republican or democrat.  Next he blasts into law……quote  “Any moronic Washington Senator or Congressman who won’t shut up……has to draw.”

The Wild West of yesteryear comes back to life today in this 21st century.  No more free speech, courts, jury duty or debates on gray areas.  It’s strictly black & white now cause we might have a police state if we DARE to enforce law.

You’re right……the good ole  USA  is NUMBER ONE !!!

Be proud that in the world we’re  #1  in violence, crime, gun ownership with glaring yearly statistics in the U.S. that  8,000  of over 12,000  murders are by guns.  WHOSE NEXT?

Matt Dillon isn’t here but he is remembered as the CLASS ACT of his day and surely would agree with  “SASA” who says “The solution is prevention, not  ‘Who or Why’  but  WHAT & HOW.”


SANDY! Meet ‘Mother Nature’ The Dictator.

Takes a storm the caliber of SANDY whose unwelcome wrath and rude awakening DEMANDS bipartisanship.

We have a 2 1/2 Billion Dollar brutal political campaign infested with sick negativism and solving no problems whatsoever.  AND now meet ‘Sandy.’

We do all live on this planet earth together and it takes a STORM to sober us up and reach out a helping hand?  How many more HITS does this planet have to take before this human race puts their egos and biases aside?

We’re all on one planet together that’s spinning around in the universe where catastrophic events could at its will, demolish each and every living thing on it!  If so, what political party, race, religion, culture or gender will matter then?

‘Sandy’ has given this United States the strongest message any disaster could muster,





Freedom of speech or freedom of decay. Has the rot so permeated our society that we don’t know the difference between destruction and production?

How have we allowed JOURNALISTIC JUNK to rule our universe? Journalism once practiced truth allowing only facts that supported it. Today they voice the degradation of our society for the sake of ratings. PROOF? Negative has become our daily dose, positive has become our history.

Political rhetoric rages thru our networks as MEDIA JUNKIES thrive on mass chaos provoking riot! The ‘Great American Ripoff’ sucking billions of bucks $$$ raping our rights, preventing the fulfillment of human needs.

Is our  236 YR old USA so young it cannot learn from societies thousands of years old? How dare we allow ourselves as a nation to abuse one another breeding poverty, crime, corruption! Is HOPE as far as we get solving our problems?

Out here, not on the Hill, WE KNOW that there exists heroes among us. WE KNOW as ordinary people when we extend ourselves we can do extraordinary things. WE KNOW that next door or down the street our friends and neighbors are sick and tired of STINKING THINKING!

WAKE UP AMERICA, Hollywood is no longer in Beverly Hills California, it’s in Washington D.C.!

WAKE UP WASHINGTON, abolish parties and have one BIG PARTY ‘The American People’!

Reform the political process minus the media and go internet direct to ‘MainStreet USA.’

Banish obsolete voting methods using new technology for identity via thumbprints or eye photos.

Educate the youth w/mandatory subjects teaching a thinking of bringing opposing forces to common ground. Demonstrate the consequences of the do’s & don’ts in governing a country, a state, a city or town.

America, become the ‘Ambassadors’ of your country back to your country and when you stand beside your AMERICAN FLAG, you will know you took your country back.