Freedom of speech or freedom of decay. Has the rot so permeated our society that we don’t know the difference between destruction and production?

How have we allowed JOURNALISTIC JUNK to rule our universe? Journalism once practiced truth allowing only facts that supported it. Today they voice the degradation of our society for the sake of ratings. PROOF? Negative has become our daily dose, positive has become our history.

Political rhetoric rages thru our networks as MEDIA JUNKIES thrive on mass chaos provoking riot! The ‘Great American Ripoff’ sucking billions of bucks $$$ raping our rights, preventing the fulfillment of human needs.

Is ourĀ  236 YR old USA so young it cannot learn from societies thousands of years old? How dare we allow ourselves as a nation to abuse one another breeding poverty, crime, corruption! Is HOPE as far as we get solving our problems?

Out here, not on the Hill, WE KNOW that there exists heroes among us. WE KNOW as ordinary people when we extend ourselves we can do extraordinary things. WE KNOW that next door or down the street our friends and neighbors are sick and tired of STINKING THINKING!

WAKE UP AMERICA, Hollywood is no longer in Beverly Hills California, it’s in Washington D.C.!

WAKE UP WASHINGTON, abolish parties and have one BIG PARTY ‘The American People’!

Reform the political process minus the media and go internet direct to ‘MainStreet USA.’

Banish obsolete voting methods using new technology for identity via thumbprints or eye photos.

Educate the youth w/mandatory subjects teaching a thinking of bringing opposing forces to common ground. Demonstrate the consequences of the do’s & don’ts in governing a country, a state, a city or town.

America, become the ‘Ambassadors’ of your country back to your country and when you stand beside your AMERICAN FLAG, you will know you took your country back.