*STORY 3* ‘A STRAW BROOM, A BOY, A BLIND FATHER’ – “Earth Air Water And People”

The year 1935 during the ‘ Great Depression’  there was no food for the Smith family which would be for many days.

This son of a blind man was barely old enough to go to school let alone roam the streets in search of bread.  Door to door he would go in ragged clothes,  holes in his shoes and hope in his heart.  At just  6 yrs old,  he had to be a man.

He would knock on the door and say:  “Hi,  I’m Gene,  my dad is blind and I am……”  the door would slam with the sounds:  “Not today son,  no handouts,  why don’t you go down to the Salvation Army or something!”  Yelling back the boy said:  “But Sir,  I”m not asking for a handout,  I’m selling brooms to help put food on the table,  my dad says they last longer and sweep cleaner.”  The door opened and the man said:  “Is that so,  show me and sweep the dirt off this porch.”   The boy did and the man said:  “Good job,  I’ll take one.”

Many houses later doors slammed in his face,  dogs chased him away while others would laugh but he kept knocking & talking because he knew his  4 yr old sister and  2 yr old brother had not eaten yet that day. 

At last one man came to the door and the boy started his plea but was loudly interrupted.  The man said:  “Yes,  I know your father,  he tuned my piano,  these brooms are made in a factory by the blind,  I’ll take  2.”   Won’t you come in and have a sandwich with milk?”  The tired boy said:  “I gotta get back home so my family can eat.”  The man wrapped up food and milk,  giving it to the boy who hugged the package thankfully and home he went. 

At the end of the day,  his blind father had tuned pianos,  the son had sold  3  brooms and his mother said:  “Son,  someday you’re going to be famous and right now you are our man.”

Many years went by,  some were good and some were bad but this little boy was a fighter who never gave up.   Age  16  he lied about his age and joined the U.S.Navy where he was trained as a boxer with a record of  (21-1).  Then in to the ‘College of Music’ and onto Broadway as a discovery because of his voice.  Following this came a family of his own.

Later after years of higher education,  a professional in the health care industry,  he entered into the political arena.  And then one day in the very same town,  on that very same street where he was raised,  he campaigned for  President of The United States.   And again much later ran for the United States Congress.

“WHY NOT……after all I was a business man during the  ‘Great Depression’  at age  6.  I don’t think  I’ll ever forget how the  ‘straw broom’  helped save our family from hunger.  During my long shot run as an officially declared presidential candidate,  I spent my  18 mo’s  and  20 hr  days criss crossing this country,  hitting all the issues on television and radio,  telling my story……the  AMERICAN STORY.   I believe the reason for my successes was my  DAD & MOM  and  the  STRAW BROOM.”

I AM DOC GENE SMITH & I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE.      “Why Didn’t Mr. Smith Ever Go To Washington”?

Author/Doc Gene

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