*STORY 2* WHAT IS REAL? – “Earth Air Water And People”

STOP  now and  THINK……what is the one question either asked or thought about,  that’s on the minds of every individual in the world?

STARTING  with all issues that people in business,  education,  government,  politics,  religion,  all want to know is,  WHAT IS REAL? 

When a speaker delivers a message,  everybody is thinking,  IS HE REAL?   IS HIS MESSAGE REAL?   No matter what anyone says or does,  we all are wondering  WHAT IS REAL?  

Claims by celebrities,  marketers,  sales,  leaders,  teachers,  preachers,  relatives,  friends,  all may be respected authorities……BUT  still beg the question……WHAT IS REAL?  Throughout our lives and every waking moment, dialog or transaction demands to know……WHAT IS REAL?

If you were to analyze each situation or condition after all the facts were in and a conclusion made……secretly to yourself you would dare to ask……WHAT IS REAL?  So no matter what your reality is,  inevitably we are all thinking about and asking that most important question of our entire lives……WHAT IS REAL?

Out of all the chaos,  clutter,  saturation of information,  history,  fact finding,  opinion,  analysis,  we are still left with that maddening,  nagging insatiable haunt……the struggle to make sense of any given society and achieve our very own identity……where we must  ANSWER……WHAT  IS  REAL?

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