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LAUGH LAB: Calling ‘James Arness’ GUNSMOKE!

Matt Dillon has been ordered by the government to shape up the New West.

Back to the ‘good guys’ all of them armed including ‘pistol packin Mommas’ with the instructions of whenever the ‘bad guys’ are tryin to take you out……you take 10 steps forward or backward……(depending on how good – you are)  pull out your pistol and then FIRE AWAY!!!

All’s fair in love and war.  No more machine guns, automatic rifles or tomahawks allowed.  No more criminals, crazies, nut cakes, basking for life in our comfy prisons, soaking up the good life of  TV, 4 squares  and writing for profit  ‘get rich quick’  books.

Marshall Dillon says  “HOLD IT”  which stops the lobbyists, special interest groups and breaks up the parties battling under republican or democrat.  Next he blasts into law……quote  “Any moronic Washington Senator or Congressman who won’t shut up……has to draw.”

The Wild West of yesteryear comes back to life today in this 21st century.  No more free speech, courts, jury duty or debates on gray areas.  It’s strictly black & white now cause we might have a police state if we DARE to enforce law.

You’re right……the good ole  USA  is NUMBER ONE !!!

Be proud that in the world we’re  #1  in violence, crime, gun ownership with glaring yearly statistics in the U.S. that  8,000  of over 12,000  murders are by guns.  WHOSE NEXT?

Matt Dillon isn’t here but he is remembered as the CLASS ACT of his day and surely would agree with  “SASA” who says “The solution is prevention, not  ‘Who or Why’  but  WHAT & HOW.”