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     Man is  PRIMITIVE  in how he deals with forces  ‘outside’  himself.  And just as inept in dealing with those forces  ‘within’  himself.

His  ‘playing field’  dwarfs his premise.

His  GREATNESS  comes thru what he does with what is  ‘already there.’

His  WISDOM  comes from the  ‘intelligence’  to  ‘know the difference’  between the part he plays and the vast scheme of creation.

*How To Become An Earthling*

 ***Did you actually believe that  READIN,  WRITIN,  N  RITHMETIC,  was all there is to be a legitimate earthling?

READING  is a collection of dialog which makes  ‘pictures’  in your mind and  ‘words’  that stimulate meaning. 

WRITING  is your connection to  ‘express’  learning and experiences in life.

ARITHMETIC  is a tangible  ‘formula’  that acts as a tool to comprehend your universe.

COMMUNICATION  takes the form of  ‘language’  to interact audibly and physically with the human race.

EXERCISE  stimulates the bodily  ‘chemistry,’  balances the  physio-psycho-socio  components ,  integrating  ‘Mind, Matter, Motion’   to effectively challenge the negotiating table of  life.

THINKING  is the culmination of incoming  ‘stimuli’  and processing of outgoing  ‘response.’

THINK  TALK  allows for the  ‘unfinished product’  to hone and refine itself enroute to its final goal.

PLANET  EARTH  is your birth place,  who is the ‘Mother’  of your  ‘beginnings and endings,’   who gave you the gifts of  ‘giving and receiving,’   requiring of you the  ‘integration’  only made possible by your  MIND  MATTER  MOTION.


EDUCATION  has a direct relationship to   CRIME – HEALTH  &  The  ECONOMY!

The new  TERRORISM  is an inside job,  IGNORANCE!

Student  ILLITERACY  in reading,  writing,  comprehension,  math,  science.

DROP  OUTS  in all our American schools.

Slaves to  ADDICTION  in electronics,  prescription & illicit drugs.

BULLIES  ruling their victims.

PREDATORS  enslaving our women, our youth.

KILLERS  freed by attorneys manipulating the laws.

FEAR  of being labeled  ‘Whistle Blowers.’


Read: Doc Gene




As the world turns,  saints,  heroes,  leaders,  pioneers,  champions,  famous,  not so famous,   have roamed the earth leaving their  MARK  and  MESSAGE  toward a path of  EXCELLENCE,  a  meaningful existence.

What manner of communication do we deliver back because of them?  Do we strive for a higher intelligence,  greater growth,  demonstrate the ability to make ugly…beautiful?  Can we find the strength and energy to lift this troubled world and slay depression?  Are we capable of opening up hearts and minds to a new level of happiness?

We are  7 BILLION  humans on  PLANET  EARTH,  spinning around our universe  66,800  mph.  If we speak to another,  let it be honest,  joyful,  because  SOUND  travels  1100 ft  per  second  and your words could  ‘hurt  or  help.’

If you shine your  light on family,  friends,  community or fellow worker,  let that  ‘glow  shine  brightly,’  for  LIGHT  travels  186,000  miles  a  second  and your  SMILE  could be a  HEALER.

Should your days and nights ever become long and dark,  ask yourself:  “Who  has  given  you  sound  and  light  to  warm  your  spirit,  heal  your  soul?”  Then remember the light of wisdom you found in the  SOULS  &  SAINTS  of yesterday,  so that very same  ‘magic’   YOU  CAN  GIVE  TO  ANOTHER.

ISSUE #8 – America…HEAR THIS!

ROLL  out the  WELCOME  MAT  and find out  WHY?

WHO  SWEATS  profusely over our agriculture?

WHO  besides citizens  BUYS  refrigerators,  clothes,  food and more?

WHAT  INVESTMENT  pours  $BILLIONS  into our  COFFERS  with minimum going out?

WHO  SMILES  thru rain or shine,  yet  TOILS  relentlessly just to be  FREE  in the  U.S.A.?

Read:  Doc Gene