*How To Become An Earthling*

 ***Did you actually believe that  READIN,  WRITIN,  N  RITHMETIC,  was all there is to be a legitimate earthling?

READING  is a collection of dialog which makes  ‘pictures’  in your mind and  ‘words’  that stimulate meaning. 

WRITING  is your connection to  ‘express’  learning and experiences in life.

ARITHMETIC  is a tangible  ‘formula’  that acts as a tool to comprehend your universe.

COMMUNICATION  takes the form of  ‘language’  to interact audibly and physically with the human race.

EXERCISE  stimulates the bodily  ‘chemistry,’  balances the  physio-psycho-socio  components ,  integrating  ‘Mind, Matter, Motion’   to effectively challenge the negotiating table of  life.

THINKING  is the culmination of incoming  ‘stimuli’  and processing of outgoing  ‘response.’

THINK  TALK  allows for the  ‘unfinished product’  to hone and refine itself enroute to its final goal.

PLANET  EARTH  is your birth place,  who is the ‘Mother’  of your  ‘beginnings and endings,’   who gave you the gifts of  ‘giving and receiving,’   requiring of you the  ‘integration’  only made possible by your  MIND  MATTER  MOTION.