What! ‘ROBIN WILLIAMS’ Didn’t Know ?

***Robin launched a  WAKE  UP   call for the human race.  A tribute to his life goes beyond laughter,   more to the  SERIOUS side his  MESSAGE  to the world.


“Addiction  Is  Not  A  Problem,  It’s  A  Process.”

*Humans are all borne addicts who can learn  HOW  TO  exchange a  “UA” (Undesirable Addiction)  for a “DA” (Desirable Addiction)

*Innate in everybody is their own built in  ‘chemical closet.’  “TNT” (Training Not Treatment) taps into their own  ‘chemistry’  becoming the  ‘change agent’  controlling behavior.

*Integration of their  ‘physio/psycho/socio’  components empowers them to master  “SASA”  (Social Addiction Self Analysis)  which encompasses hundreds of  ‘combinations’  of addictions that reinforce the self destructive addiction.

***Since 1978,  the Smiths founded:  3M’s  Therapy – Mind Matter Motion, Inc.   The only clinic in the world that had a  97%  success rate training patients inflicted with  (alcoholism,  prescription/illicit drug abuse, psychiatric disorders,  all of whom suffered from  (stress,  depression,  obesity,  suicide) etc.  From these findings,  the book:  “Mind Matter Motion – Your Animal Therapy In The 21st Century”  was published  1982/1983   TO  LET  THE  WORLD  KNOW  THERE’S  AN  ANSWER !!!

*Addiction is not a dirty word.  Today society labels it a  (brain disease or mental illness)  which only occurs after major damage has been done,  disallowing the effectiveness of  PREVENTION.

***TODAY the Smith’s still offer  HELP  found on their website:  www.motionOsis.com    the  ‘Mini Clinic How To’   accompanying their famous best seller:  “Mind Matter Motion.”

FOR  communities of teens, parents,  families,  authors ‘Neihardt & Smith’  offer their recent  Feb 2014 published  E-book:  “GOTCHA” The  Whole  World  Is  Angry  And  Depressed,  But  Here’s  What  You  Can  Do  About  It.”