As the world turns,  saints,  heroes,  leaders,  pioneers,  champions,  famous,  not so famous,   have roamed the earth leaving their  MARK  and  MESSAGE  toward a path of  EXCELLENCE,  a  meaningful existence.

What manner of communication do we deliver back because of them?  Do we strive for a higher intelligence,  greater growth,  demonstrate the ability to make ugly…beautiful?  Can we find the strength and energy to lift this troubled world and slay depression?  Are we capable of opening up hearts and minds to a new level of happiness?

We are  7 BILLION  humans on  PLANET  EARTH,  spinning around our universe  66,800  mph.  If we speak to another,  let it be honest,  joyful,  because  SOUND  travels  1100 ft  per  second  and your words could  ‘hurt  or  help.’

If you shine your  light on family,  friends,  community or fellow worker,  let that  ‘glow  shine  brightly,’  for  LIGHT  travels  186,000  miles  a  second  and your  SMILE  could be a  HEALER.

Should your days and nights ever become long and dark,  ask yourself:  “Who  has  given  you  sound  and  light  to  warm  your  spirit,  heal  your  soul?”  Then remember the light of wisdom you found in the  SOULS  &  SAINTS  of yesterday,  so that very same  ‘magic’   YOU  CAN  GIVE  TO  ANOTHER.