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*STORY 1* WHO SAYS? – “Earth Air Water And People”


*LOVE SAYS:   “I’m the most important thing in your life,  how can you live without love.”

*SPIRITUALITY SAYS:  “If you don’t have spirituality your life is empty.  Spiritual reality is a must for happiness.”

*HOPE SAYS:  “If you don’t have hope,  you have nothing.  Hope for tomorrow is your key to survival.”

*MOTIVATION SAYS:  “You have to be motivated to reach your goals in life.  Motivation is the mind set that leads to becoming a winner and success.”

*LIFESTYLE SAYS:  “As you go through life your habits follow you.  Lifestyles can make or break your path toward objectives you desire.”

*LOVE SAYS:  “I’m more important because I am a stronger force in your life.

*SPIRITUALITY SAYS:  “Your faith comes from the beliefs you have and so I’m more important.”

*HOPE SAYS:  “Just think why I’m more important than any of you.  Hope brings potential for positive thinking.”

*MOTIVATION SAYS:  “No way,  you’ve got to be motivated first or you won’t even try,  so I’m more important.”

*LIFESTYLE SAYS:  “Which ever road you take in life your  SOCIAL ADDICTIONS  will dictate your behavior in either USA’s  (Undesirable Social Addictions) or DSA’s (Desirable Social Addictions).  So I’ve GOTCHA  and come in first because you use me or abuse me,  effecting all else in your life.”

*SASA SAYS:  “There is NO CONTEST here,  you all need to work together.  Love, Spirituality, Hope, Motivation, Lifestyle,  are not by themselves the answer to winning life’s battles.  TOGETHER they form the most POWERFUL bond which can bring  PEACE, HARMONY,  JOY and FREEDOM in your life.”

Author/Doc Gene    www.motionOsis.com


Real life stories are taken from professional research and field experiences in national & international TV/Radio media interviews, speaking engagements, consultations by LaneGene Company – Motionosis who accepts no liability for the content or for the consequences of any public action taken on the basis of the information provided.  ONLY first names and general locations from MainStreet USA are given for confidentiality.



A great country is only as great as we make it and being only  ‘237 yrs old’  we’re just beginning. 

Now add on all the experience we’ve had and there’s  NOTHING  that  CAN STOP US  from being  GREATER  THAN   we’ve ever been  BEFORE!   This is the ESSENCE of AMERICA.

Author/Lane            www.motionOsis.com


Off into the distance I look to see,  the height, breadth and depth of thee.  Thine eyes scaling the highest peak,  only begins the search I seek.

Across the mighty plains I scan,  seeming more the wonderment in his plan.

Below the valleys dip and curve,  bearing quiet knowledge that they too serve.

These moments shared of brief pleasures,  touch upon another of life’s treasures.

I listen to the stillness……feel the presence of the bigness out there,  like the softness of a whisper, speaks the silence everywhere.

Comes suddenly this feeling  welling up within,  filling any emptiness that has ever been.

Again,  tuned in oneness with all nature has to bear,  shows the purpose and its meaning that a human must share.

Author:  Elaine Neihardt Smith            www.motionOsis.com

HAPPINESS…Is To Contemplate

No matter whether you are youth or elder,  reflect back on each day and remember. Like an architect we  move moments in a mixture of low points and highlights that take shape in what matters in our journey through time.

We discover in bits and pieces the hardship and kinship which make up the building blocks of a life in the process of living.

Like jugglers we toss tangibles and intangibles into a universe that pitches the known and the unknown, challenging our person to meet the task of the century.

We may think that negative equals  ‘Hell’  before we master that conflict or incomplete thing. We learn that positive equals  ‘Heaven’  after we have resolved that conflict or completed that something.

Because solving & resolving problems takes long periods of time;  where the few moments of resolution last so briefly;  makes us feel we’re living in  ‘Hell’  longer than  ‘Heaven.’

The reward may come in spurts for coping or accomplishing and the price for learning may be dear……BUT never forget, that the trip may be  ‘Hell’  but the finished product is  HEAVEN!

Authored By: Lane          www.motionOsis.com

‘California Gold’

If you’re lucky enough to live in the state of California, you struck  ‘gold.’

The hearty hand from a bear hug of a man graciously escorted you from highways to skyways over towns & woods touching the hearts and souls of its people.

Enroute he led with ease and simplicity across  ‘mother earth’ and all her inhabitants. Whether trees, rocks or streams, they joined in the chorus of living things.  Buildings came to life in  tribute to human lives of toil and sacrifice.  People who might never have been known, were seen and heard.

What else could that touch of  ‘gold’  light up but only the  face of an ‘angel’…… our one and only beloved  ‘HUELL HOWSER.’   He gave us beauty, we honor his peace.

Lane/Author      www.motionOsis.com

FRIENDS and FANTASY Come In The Darndest Pkgs!


I SIT HERE  in the middle of a forest where woods and streams surround me. The overwhelming growth consumes me as my limitations in perceiving things frantically attempt to make an immediate capture.

I begin naming things. That’s a leaf…a branch…a tree…a brook…the sky. Time and again I catch myself, for to look at that same flower without any name, I begin to see miniature worlds of wonder.

Once merely a rock riddled with algae, now becomes a moss covered palace of velvet green splendor. The trees become instruments of a mighty orchestra. The streams and brooks become the voice of a thundering chorus. The sky becomes maestro in shading and lighting.

I STAND  in the middle of civilization with a busy metropolis surrounding me. I find myself thinking…buildings…traffic…people.

When I look again, buildings become variations of fascinating form, traffic becomes a symbol of our threatening yet ever changing norm.

Instead of seeing people, I see individual persons. Masses of gender suddenly appear in likeness of one another yet difference in character. When I look very closely, I see in one single human form all the combinations of these masses in miniature.

Males look like females who look like males and females look like males who look like females.

I see with amazement how this very sight models the schools of fish in the ocean, each looking different yet resembling the other. I can see in birds, plants and animals, themselves as relatives to the ‘whole scheme’ of things.

Everywhere I go I see reflections of myself and others.  I am warmed by the statement  ‘humans are created equal’ yet I am cooled by the devastating ‘hole’ it has left in the WHOLE of humankind. We are created equal ONLY in the way that we are equipped with the same basic tools, we are not equals in the way in which we use them.   Authored By Lane   www.motionOsis.com


Hello……I’m Lane and here is my New Year’s ‘toast’ to that world out there.

Humans who occupy this planet would best make every day like a holiday in the way of celebrating our purpose here and that is alerting ourselves to act in helping the needs of others.

Opportunity lies in abundance awaiting each one of us to fill a void.  There are countless ways to GIVE in RESPECT for or CARING about others.

I greet each day with the thinking of what ‘good deed’ could I do today?  Remember……people make people sick and people make people well.

There is nothing to lose in spreading GOOD WILL.  Try it you might like it!

Sincerely, Lane    www.motionOsis.com