HAPPINESS…Is To Contemplate

No matter whether you are youth or elder,  reflect back on each day and remember. Like an architect we  move moments in a mixture of low points and highlights that take shape in what matters in our journey through time.

We discover in bits and pieces the hardship and kinship which make up the building blocks of a life in the process of living.

Like jugglers we toss tangibles and intangibles into a universe that pitches the known and the unknown, challenging our person to meet the task of the century.

We may think that negative equals  ‘Hell’  before we master that conflict or incomplete thing. We learn that positive equals  ‘Heaven’  after we have resolved that conflict or completed that something.

Because solving & resolving problems takes long periods of time;  where the few moments of resolution last so briefly;  makes us feel we’re living in  ‘Hell’  longer than  ‘Heaven.’

The reward may come in spurts for coping or accomplishing and the price for learning may be dear……BUT never forget, that the trip may be  ‘Hell’  but the finished product is  HEAVEN!

Authored By: Lane          www.motionOsis.com