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*STORY 4* ! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE – NOT FROM YOUR LIFE ! – “Earth Air Water And People”


I was in my 40’s,  205 lbs,  with a 42″ waist.  While waiting in the lobby,  an elder scurried up and escorted me to an elevator.  He said: “Just push that button for the  17th floor”   as he ran toward the stairwell.  We met at the 17th floor about the same time leaving me flabbergasted……HE WAS 80 YRS OLD!

Into an office we went and there was  LARRY.  In a gruff voice the first words out of his mouth were:  “You look broken down,  you need to get moving or you’ll fall apart!”  I looked at this trim and well developed 130 lb man with a 28″ waist,  who had a full time job as a Matre D’ at the St. Francis Hotel,  road his bike to and from work and jogged 5 miles per day.  LARRY LOUIS  WAS 105 YRS YOUNG.  On his 108th birthday, he ran 17 miles just to celebrate.  I stared in amazement at this remarkable man who had a sense of humor with a twinkle in his eye.

SHAME  over my appearance and unsightly condition,  started me running up and down the hills of San Francisco.  One year later I went from 205 lbs & a 42″ waist down to 150 lbs & a 30″ waist.

Indeed this began our careers (my wife & I)  logging in  RUNNING-CYCLING  over 1/2 million miles.  Later MOTION  became the therapeutic key in the design and implementation of our successful clinical work in civilian/government hospitals nationwide.  Our professional clinic specialized in  “TNT” – Training Not Treatment”  of client/patients suffering from substance abuse and the emotionally disturbed.  “A Physiological Approach To Psychological Problems”  was and still is the FIRST OF ITS KIND  which realized a 97% success rate.

Today we still can hear LARRY’S LAMENT:  “Run for your life, not from your life.”  Little did he know the powerful impact and influence he had causing Lane & Gene,  professional husband & wife team who say:  “Ready or not, you’ll run the marathon of life.”  

TRIBUTE  to Larry Lewis  graces our book: “Mind Matter Motion”  which has stood the test of time yet way ahead of its time.  WHY NOT MASTER YOUR MOTION,   See 5th Pg,      www.motionOsis.com

Author/Doc Gene

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LAUGH LAB: KJS – “Knee Jerk Solution”

This is the 21st Century and we have learned how to solve all our problems.  REALLY……trust me!

If one approach doesn’t work then we hit our knee and VOILA…up comes another approach.  Wellness, health care, medication, surgery, religion, hypnosis, exercise, diet, movies, comedy, foreign intervention.  There are thousands of remedies and solutions,  just KNEE JERK  and one is as good as the other.  There is no rhyme or reason why we should abuse this stuff.

OH…but this is human life.  We are the only animals on earth…I said on earth,  who are able to think.  Yet everyday, every hour, every minute we use the  KNEE JERK  solution when instead we could use human intelligence.

But KJS – (Knee Jerk Solution)  will continue to be the major approach humankind will use.  Time and dollars are no objects,  just use your KNEE!  Cannot you see the decision makers of the world in meetings, rocking the room with their KNEE JERKING, which proves is as good a solution as any?

By the way there are some rules to this, you cannot KNEE JERK while driving.  Imagine jerking your left knee and turning right or jerking your right knee and turning left…the utter confusion this could cause.  Now if 4 or 5 other people riding in your car were all KNEE JERKING, which side of the road would you be on?

Unfortunately, the KJS becomes habit forming therefore it’s unlikely your ritual will change.  This bizarre behavior if left unchecked will invite the ONLY solution……”SASA”  and it’s PARTY TIME!   See: www.motionOsis.com