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     Everybody is  selling  something.  What should  we  buy?  Who should we  believe?  Can they be  trusted?  Do they really  care?  Do they follow their own  advice?  What’s their real  story?  What’s their motive?

     Those in position of  power  sell their story and look to  influence  your decisions.  Are they right?  How really  honest  are they?  Can we follow their  direction?  They  preach  to us,  plead  with us,  pressure  us,  push  us,  betray  us,  cheat,  lie,  beg,  compliment  us,  befriend  us,  fight  and even  love  us.    

     But is it  real?  How do we know it’s the  truth?  What might they be  hiding?  Who is to blame for all the  troubles  in the world?  Are they  controlled  by organizations, causes, religions, philosophies, cultures, relatives, friends, businesses, competitors and even colleagues?

     What do  authorities  bring to the daily table of   negotiations   with you that are part of this vast array of  opinions  and network of ideas, ideals and brain washings from their controlled world?  Do your pastors,  teachers,  doctors,  nurses, scientists,  bankers,  lawyers,  politicians,  commentators, sales people,  actors,   agents,  directors,  celebrities,  neighbors, relatives,  husbands,  wives,  kids,  parents,  all tell you the truth?

     What truly  guides  all of us in this strange and troubled world laden with complexities in millions of  transactions?  Do we  question  enough,    search  for the facts,  ask  that question that everyone is thinking:  WHAT  IS  REAL? 

     If you  live  your life focused on  what is real ,  you will always be  true  to your very own direction,  reality  and satisfaction as you struggle through life’s journey.   What is real  defines the heart  and soul  of every  human  being on earth.  When you find  what is real ,  you’ve found your  SOUL MATE.

Author/Doc Gene                        www.motionOsis.com