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It seems that when life hits us  HEAD ON ,  we cannot make sense of it.   To instead create an atmosphere of  SUPPORT,  breeds a  TRUST  and any barrier can be penetrated.

I am not talking about  ‘acceptance’  which can leave us in a passive helpless stance that can produce ’emotional crippling.’  I mean TRUSTING  in a situation that is  UNKNOWN,  puts other principles to work of greater strength and meaning.

Vital is the communication of trust,  if only for a split second in any given situation or person’s life.  In that instance there is an acknowledgement of  VALUE  existing in the worst of situations. 

Look for the way to constructively  MOVE FORWARD,  utilizing  ‘value’  as the  VEHICLE  of  EXCHANGE.

Truly none of us escape those  CHALLENGES  from the battlefield of life.  The  BIG  things  that happen must never dwarf the importance of   LITTLER  things  which are forever in our reach.  Our richest resources come from these  ‘little things,’   enabling people to  ‘keep stride’  and  ‘climb mountains.’

There is a  NATURAL  LAW  of which each of us can interpret many different ways.  I kind of experience it as an  ‘eternal monitoring’  of which incorporates  OPTIONS  that provide  OPPORTUNITIES  in balancing life’s act. 

I do not make man-made principles my belief,  I merely  ‘appreciate’  them and utilize them as tools to  GRADUATE.

***”Life is an archeological find,   providing you keep on digging.”

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith            www.motionOsis.com