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SEEK  ‘outer  space’  through the incredulous  photography of science.

NOTICE  how all the gases that make up the  ‘interstellar’  systems of stars, planets, etc;  are the  ‘Mother’  of what humans  RECREATE  here on  EARTH,  long before we ever knew outer space.

JEWELRY  reflects the  ‘galaxies’  and  ‘milky  way’  in our stones.

4th of July extravaganzas demonstrate the ‘super novas’ and ever changing life and death of stars.

In other words,  the attraction we have for  LIGHT  in all its splendor seems  INNATE  in our species.

SEEK  ‘inner space’  by clearing all the debris off  living life’s highway,  keeping what is yours and rejecting what is not.  The vacuum of space breeds the potential for the mind to  THINK CLEARLY  with sudden bursts of  LIGHT  into  WHAT IS REAL !!!

Our  ‘guiding light’  SHINES  from ‘outer space’ reminding us our ‘inner space’ is  CONNECTED,  because we are  ‘children of the universe.’