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The agony felt from the LOSS of someone you LOVE…is like your heart is frozen in your chest…, you barely can breathe…the pain cuts deep into your belly as your mind wanders aimlessly in a chilling wasteland.

CONVERSATION to a person who is GRIEVING or terminally ill can be devastating and even debilitating.  NEVER…NEVER say the words I’M SORRY as this is the most DESTRUCTIVE sound you can make.  To utter these CRIPPLING words intensifies their pain and smothers them in HELPLESSNESS.

Your PRESENCE alone speaks loudly.  Your TOUCH to their hand or arm speaks gently.  Words are not necessary but LISTENING is vital.  SHARE in their moment…not yours and for the first time feel what it is like to JUST BE…by quietly being there.

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith            www.motionOsis.com