** Known OR Unknown Spaces **

I am amazed at how the primitive view their existence thru the terms of  ‘conscious  and subconscious.’  Actually we’re in a sea of  VAST CONSCIOUSNESS.  Humans use the word  ‘subconscious’  for all that they cannot comprehend or understand.

Labels push things out of reach.  EXAMPLE:  “The car hit the embankment.”  Never mind that the driver had anything to do with it.

This  UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS  need be grown into as our development is but microscopic in size by comparison.

GRAPH:  Draw a tiny black dot in the middle of a large blank sheet of  paper.  Print the word  KNOWN near the dot.  Print the word  UNKNOWN  anywhere on the blank sheet of paper.  Sobering isn’t it.

The brain acts as a direct link to this  ‘universal consciousness’  which is  ‘physical’  by our  ‘brain’  and  ‘non physical’  thru our  ‘awareness.’  

Today we are a product from being stimulated through numerous sources,  some of them being  the  ‘taught’  (known)  another could be  ‘many lifetimes’  (unknown).  

When we stimulate the brain from all sources,  we again experience more and more of that  ‘universal consciousness.’  Because our  ‘differences’  stimulate us toward  ‘common ground,’  we must never  ‘judge’   nor  criticize nor  ‘label.’  

The ever changing stimuli that becomes obsolete,  catapults us to higher levels of exchange.  We again meet on  ‘common ground’  even though our appearances are not in same.

Humans are complex who embark upon life’s journey and who repeatedly rediscover what is already there.  Our own realities differ from these sources and experiences.  Proof being merely  ‘rediscovery’  of what is  ‘already discovered,’  through century after century of exploring and finding the  ‘same supposed  truths.’  

The only  CONSTANT  is our quest for  COMMON GROUND.  However it is our very  ‘differences’  which are the  ‘vehicle’  that get us there.

Now then,  you might say we’re back to  ‘square one’  and you would be correct.  Simple  BACK  TO  BASICS  is all that has  SURVIVED.

While the clutter and confusion compromising our intellects is like the irritation of the  ‘oyster’  that stimulates the   ‘pearl’ ……again that  PEARL……being  COMMON  GROUND.

     So you see,  the task at hand is what we  BUILD  within ourselves that others may merely  ‘borrow,’  from which they will create another  ORIGINAL.

At this time in my life I feel:  “I am less and less of what I’ve been taught,  and more and more of my own experience.  Therefore I expand evermore into that  ONGOING  PROCESS  of ever  GREATER  CONSCIOUSNESS.”

I Listen……I Hear……I Say……Hmmmmmmmmmmmm