LOVE SAYS:  I’m the most important thing in your life, how can you live without love.”

SPIRITUALITY SAYS:  If you don’t have spirituality your life is empty. Spiritual reality is a must for happiness.”

HOPE SAYS:  If you don’t have hope, you have nothing. Hope for tomorrow is your key to survival.”

MOTIVATION SAYS:  You have to be motivated to reach your goals in life. Motivation is the mind set that leads to becoming a winner and success.”

LIFESTYLE SAYS:  As you go through life your habits follow you. Lifestyle can make or break your path toward objectives you desire.”

LOVE SAYS:  “I’m more important because I am a stronger force in your life.”

SPIRITUALITY SAYS: “Your faith comes from the beliefs you have and so I’m more important.”

HOPE SAYS:  “Just think why I’m more important than any of you. Hope brings potential for positive thinking.”

MOTIVATION SAYS:  “No way, you’ve got to be motivated first or you won’t even try, so I’m more important.

LIFESTYLE SAYS:  “Whichever road you take in life your SOCIAL ADDICTIONS will dictate your behavior in either USA’s (Undesirable Social Addictions) or DSA’s (Desirable Social Addictions). So I’ve GOTCHA and come in first because you use me or abuse me, effecting all else in your life.”

“SASA SAYS”:  “There is NO CONTEST here, you all need to work together. Love, Spirituality, Hope, Motivation, Lifestyle, are not by themselves the answer to winning life’s battles. TOGETHER they form the most POWERFUL bond which can bring PEACE, HARMONY, JOY and FREEDOM in your life.”

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