Mind Matter Motion – Course

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Since 1968; Neihardt & Smith Clinical Psychologists; defied tradition in a scientifically valid, life not death, road to immortality. Presently offered to medical schools, universities, colleges and all education.

Whether you’re blue collar, white collar, professional or layman, Humpty Dumpty or Santa Claus, ILLNESS PREVENTION is everybody’s business and can change your life forever. Be entertained through humorous cartoons and tantalizing dialog, yet rich in simplicity and profound in results. Take the next step “SASA”


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STOP your Psychosis, Start New Neurosis, Go Motionosis!



U.S. Illness Care costs $3 Trillion + yearly.

80% of all the world’s pain prescriptions are consumed in the USA

Prescription drug abuse surpasses ‘heroin & cocaine’ combined,because today there exists a 100% habit forming addicted society snared in a MILLION combinations of “Undesirable Addictions & Desirable Addictions.”

30,000 Americans commit suicide yearly because the 11th leading cause of death is depression & substance abuse. 75% of all illnesses are preventable because ‘sedentary lifestyles are life threatening.’

KICK that overdose of abusive habits: anger, stress, depression,obesity, smoking, alcohol, drugs etc; because “lifestyles are life habits.”

ENTERTAIN your brain and train in ‘Social Addictions’ because “Addiction is not a problem, It’s a process.”

DARE to take this course!  Startling discovery and breakthrough defies traditional thinking.  Educational & Entertaining BLOCKBUSTER! The name of the game is PREVENTION!