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‘ISIS Versus Politicians’ = TERRORISTS !!!


A band of gruesome inhumane thugs who have no country,  no purpose,  no respect,  no conscience,  slaughter life.  People die,  no food,  no water,  no home,  no future.  They have no rights,  cannot get health care,  education,  peace nor happiness.

Compare to those  ‘Disneyland on the Potomac Puppets’  in Washington D.C.  donned in their $5000.00 suits and pompous hairdos,  who sacrifice their citizens for their own self gain.  A defunct government allowing cities, towns, riddled in white collar crime,  prisons overflowing with criminals,  rape and murder stalking our schools and streets!

Is it any less an atrocity  for over 20% of American citizens living in poverty,  dying from hunger,  health problems and suicide,  our veterans living under bridges?

Crooks who steal from their own people thru  WASTE-FRAUD-CORRUPTION,  are they not  TERRORISTS !!!

Politicians in back rooms who neglect and laugh behind closed doors,  leaving honest hard working citizens to live and die,  victimized by their own society.  Guilty politicians,  prison inmates,  need pay for their crimes as ground troops fighting for our country instead of our young citizens giving their lives for the unjust in the good ole USA.

IF  you had a choice of which group is the most guilty of crimes against humanity,  where would you put your  ‘X’  ???



*Labels  identify  us.

*Analysts  interpret  for  us.

*Computers  think  for  us.

*Visual  aids  consume  us.

*Video  games  devour  us.

*Junk  foods  saturate  us.

*Pills  hook  us.

*Slow  bores  us.

*Faster  isn’t  fast  enough.

*Vacations  aren’t  far  enough.

*Materialism  owns  us.

*Ignorance  rules  us.

*Freedom  costs  us.




“Life is not a box of chocolates,  it’s more like a jar of jalapenos.

  What you do today could burn your  ‘ass’  tomorrow!” 


Joan  didn’t ‘cruise’ her way down a  ‘placid river’,   she geared up for the ‘white water rapids!

She piloted her craft with  ‘fight not flight,’   blasting off  over seas of   ‘hurricane fury!

She never forgot her  ‘crew’  long side her,  nor her  ‘loved ones’  nestled in her breast.

But  sailed away leaving  ‘loving last laughs’  to the ‘masses’ now surrounding, who now lay her to rest.

*May you rest in ‘peace’  now,  Dear Joany.


     Man is  PRIMITIVE  in how he deals with forces  ‘outside’  himself.  And just as inept in dealing with those forces  ‘within’  himself.

His  ‘playing field’  dwarfs his premise.

His  GREATNESS  comes thru what he does with what is  ‘already there.’

His  WISDOM  comes from the  ‘intelligence’  to  ‘know the difference’  between the part he plays and the vast scheme of creation.